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Savannah and Prosper Coffee Co. 

This week, we talk to coffee enthusiast turned cold brew entrepreneur, Savannah Case.

At 20 years old, she may be the youngest guest we’ve ever had on the show (yes, the sad day has arrived where I’ve finally met the millennial who has no idea what a Nintendo 64 is), but she’s definitely one of the most ambitious guests we’ve chatted with.

Savannah grew up in Portland and made the brave decision one day to take a leap and move to Los Angeles. She left her old life behind but took her deep-rooted passion for coffee with her. She’s a Starbucks barista, full time accounting student, and Prosper Coffee Co. founder.

Some of my happiest moments are the most quiet and fleeting ones: I’m sitting alone, staring out at the morning sun, a latte warming my hands. Subtract the latte, and, well, it’s just me staring at the sun. Some of my greatest friendships were built over caramel macchiatos and crude jokes. Talking to Savannah made me realize that she had captured those moments in her cold brew.

Prosper Coffee Co. is truly where coffee meets lifestyle. You’ll be able to grab a cold brew with varying caffeine levels. Personally? I’m going for Level: Highest.

Listen in as Savannah puts coffee culture into words and explains why we can all benefit, and dare I say prosper, from it.

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