Portland Gear – Meet the Founder Who Brought the Brand to Life

Portland Gear founder, Marcus Harvey

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Episode 9- Marcus and Portland Gear

If you anything about Portlanders, you know that we LOVE our city (and, even though we won’t admit it, we want you to love it, too). The “Keep Portland Weird”, book-reading, coffee-drinking, start-up CEO by day/tortured poet by night quirkiness of its inhabitants keeps this city marching to the beat of its own steady drum.

We’re home to teams like the Portland Trailblazers, Timbers, Thorns FC, Winterhawks, and those Portland Pickles. It’s been the filming location of shows like Grimm and, of course, Portlandia.

This week, we have the pleasure of talking with Marcus, founder of the lifestyle apparel brand, Portland Gear. If you were ever out for a classic Sunday brunch, you might have seen Tiffany wearing a hat with a logo consisting of a P and the shape of Oregon in the center. You may have seen a player from the Trailblazers wearing a shirt that simply said PORTLAND across it.

Portland Gear was founded out of a passion for this city and the community that fuels it.

We were excited to talk to Marcus and hear what he’s been up to since 2014. Although this whole gig began in the back of a Volkswagen van and has now grown into its own downtown brick and mortar location, they’ve never strayed from their original purpose.

Marcus explains what his vision was, where it’s headed, PDX collaborations, and how he’s using his passion for Portland and branding to encourage others.

Grab your gear and get out there and live your best Portland life!

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